Pick my brain

So this is my company website. I’ve been meaning to build one for a while (about eight years, to be honest), but have been rather busy writing, editing and the like. I realise that casual observers of my LinkedIn profile might be rather baffled by the eclectic range of my work, so I’ve tried to collate all of that into a simple site, clarifying the main services I currently offer and highlighting my relevant experience. Anyhow, have a poke around and feel free to pick my brain if you have a project I might be able to assist with.

Talking of brains, you may have noticed that the JBM logo is one. That’s the work of my clever brother Tim Barnes. It uses his own Lobo font which he created while messing about trying to produce an alphabet of letters that fit together with minimal space between them; like a brain, designed to fit the maximum within the smallest surface area. Tidy.

While I’m acknowledging those who helped me in the making of this website, I must also thank Paul Sinclair, proprietor of the excellent Super Deluxe Edition, for talking me very patiently through the mysteries of WordPress. Also, Jonathan Taylor, Simon Keeping, Jim Drewett, Chris Rowley and Eva Resch for kindly taking the time to contribute testimonials.

All up and running at last, then. But how to mark this joyous landmark moment? I can think of no better way to celebrate than by offering you footage of a sharp-dressed septuagenarian dancer I came across in the Dominican Republic when I was there on a travel assignment recently. Um, let’s dance.

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